Installing A Permanent Photo Booth

Here's how it went down! I posted on the Photobooth Network this video:

Then after that, I was swamped with your questions and wanting to know how it was installed as well as how was it priced out. I tried to answer as many as I could. Ismail and I recorded a BONUS episode of Super Boothers™ because of it! 

I'll start with how I installed it because that's the *relatively* easiest part. 

First, the idea was to go with the theme of the space which was Aviation. There is this amazing airplane tail that my client and I decided to install directly on. 

The goal here was to make sure everything was safe for the children that would be using this. We took apart the top half to make sure we could install securely directly from the inside. 

I used a Neewer Ring Light from Amazon. 

And a Mount-It Tablet iPad holder with a screw-in locking enclosure. 

I drilled into the metal and used toggle bolt to secure both the ring light and the iPad Wall Mount to the airplane tail. 

We ran all of the power to the inside of the tail and cut a section out of the bottom for the power cord. And then Ta-Daaahhhh!!

For this particular installation I used SNAPPIC. I found that for this application, would work out best. The home screen was able to be customized, we selected a filter that would be applied to every photo, and the guest would get a link texted to them with a micro site of their photo

Now to the subject of PRICING!

The key here is to know your formulas. With this particular installation, we were limited as to what we could attach to the airplane tail. However many conversations with you have told me that you are spending anywhere between $1200-$3500 on a photobooth for these permanent installations. That's completely fine, however you need to keep in mind...

...don't get into debt for your client. 

You need to make sure if at all possible most or all of your costs are covered before you even take the first picture. The key here is, it's very easy to get greedy in this situation. Everyone hears the keywords, "Recurring Passive Revenue." The way in any business of increasing your profits is to, lower your costs. If you can find a way to lower the cost of the actual Photo Booth itself, the more money you make.

The problem with the pricing model of a really high monthly fee, is if a client isn't seeing an immediate return from having the photobooth be in the space and runs into financial trouble. The first thing to go is the photo booth.  

Clients make the decision to install something like this when they have cash to burn. I've gone about it by charging a higher installation fee, that covers your costs, covers your time, and take your profit on the front end. Then continue with charging a lower monthly fee that covers any software or running maintenance costs. 

Next on the list of discussions was multiple installations. If you have a client where scaling is a possibility, offer a volume discount in either increments or per additional unit installed. Your customer has already been acquired therefore, you can afford to give them a small break. 

Insurance was another hot button issue. The booths that I have installed are minimal in cost, almost the cost of replacement is negligible versus what I am charging. However for those that are purchasing a more expensive option, I would include the cost of insurance into your pricing. In the event of fire, flood, theft, teletubby vandalism, tornado, or any other horrible scenario, it's best that you cover your own equipment rather than the establishment that you're placing it in. I would have these items outlined in your agreement with your customer on cost of replacement, whether that is full replacement or just a deductible. 

Let me know if you have any more questions in the comments below! 

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Ryan Salinas