Super Boothers Book Club!

We're officially starting a book club! Ismail had a great book that he recommended and there were several people that purchased the book already. We gave our Night In Gotham audience a sneak preview and already gave away one book! 

Our first book is The Ultimate Sales Machine, it's a fantastic book with plenty of takeaways that will get you energized about sales again if you're seasoned as well as learn SO MUCH if you're a beginner! 

There's simply concepts in there where you're able to implement systems in place NOW! 

Join us in reading this book and SIGN UP TO WIN A COPY of this book, as well as future books! 

Start reading the book and tell us your feedback of what you got out of it! 

Winner will be announced this Friday! We will be discussing the book at our next event Super Boothers Do Dallas on September 25th


Ryan Salinas is an Adele Lover, Entrepreneur, and that order. He has been in the events industry for over 14 years. If you have any questions about the article you just read, send him an email or visit his website!

Ryan Salinas