SuperBoother Spotlight: Samuel

With our podcast, we're fortunate to get to interview many leaders in the industry. However, there are people out there who never get the recognition they deserve. We want to periodically shine a light on these unsung heroes.

If you've been listening to the show, you may have heard about the first individual we are spotlighting. In Brian Miller's interview, he discussed the impact Samuel has had on the software in the photo booth industry. Take a listen to Brian tell the story of how he hired Samuel and first got to meet him overseas!


Samuel has been at the forefront of software innovation for the photo booth industry. He has been a driving force behind many of the things that are now standard. Everything from: social media integration, animated GIFs, live preview green screens, light painting, slow mo, VR, glitch filter, etc.

We'd like to do something nice for Samuel to show our appreciation, but we need your help :)

Please submit a photo of you holding up a piece of paper that says "Thank You Samuel!" written on it. We need all submissions by September 30th. We will be working with Brian Miller of LA Photo Party to turn these submitted photos into a really cool gift for Samuel. We will be sure to share what it looks like once its ready :)

BONUS points if you submit a photo using a feature that Samuel might have helped to pioneer (such as green screen, filters, photo shop action, light painting, etc).

Even if you don't use Photo Booth Upload software, you still owe Samuel a thank you for the success you have had with ANY software because many of the innovations can be arguably be traced back to Samuel's work.



Ismail Humet