What's Next For Super Boothers?

Hello Everyone! It's been a hot minute since I have updated the Super Boothers blog! 

Last week I posted this:

Facebook Post

...and there was outrage! 

To answer your immediate question: No, Super Boothers is not cancelled and not going anywhere in the near future. Truth be told, Ismail and I were at dinner in New York and hand the beginning of a longer conversation of where is Super Boothers going next. See look...all smiles. 

Ryan Salinas Ismail Humet

I just got back from Podcast Movement in Philadelphia which was such a wonderful experience! This was the first time where I have attended classes at a conference for myself. Podcasting is something that I've always been very confident with but absolutely can do better at. There were a couple of different tracks like monetizing, industry, creation, and technical. I kept finding myself going to content creating tracks to help better tell our story. 

We recently posted a listener survey, which you are still absolutely welcome to click on and take. The whole thing takes less than two minutes of time! 

We had a good number of you complete the survey to help us where we are lacking. First of all we did get a number of people say that they would like more technical information, I must reiterate that we have never been about technical information. This podcast has been from the beginning and will always be about marketing, growing your business, and strategies to help you create more revenue. We really do feel that it doesn't matter what equipment you are using that can make you successful. The concepts that we talk about in this show we feel can really be used universally. 

SO! That being said, there are a couple of changes that will be made to Super Boothers in the upcoming episodes! Beginning around August 15th we are implementing some new features to the podcast. 


We have listened to you and we have heard you! Coming soon, all Super Boothers episodes will now be transcribed and be able to read. This is incredibly important for some photo boothers out there that speak different languages or are deaf. We hope that this feature helps you gain more information from our medium. 


All of the Super Boothers episodes will be pushed to YouTube where they can be downloaded and provide an additional space to hear our podcast! ***Update! All videos are now live on YouTube! Click here to view all the episodes!


We are working to provide a lot more information via our blog that will hopefully accompany most of the new episodes. It's a lot of work, but we feel that the best way to provide you with great education is to keep the experience going beyond the podcast. 


We will be adding a new section of our website to keep you engaged with more information than you will know what to do with! We're also going to be including a Fan Art section where if you have created a meme, video, or photo of us will be featured. The memes are just the best! 


While I would love to be on tour constantly, that's just not possible to travel any more than I already do! However! We will do a couple more live events before the end of the year where we can meet and connect with all of you! We love getting feedback from everyone on their journey and we help to grow that with you. We do have the possibility of maybe even a virtual way for everyone to connect...stay tuned! 😉 If you want us to come to your city, leave a message down below in the comments! 


An overwhelming number of people have explained to us that they are new to the photo booth world and we are here to help with that! I do agree that our beginners are being underserved by Super Boothers and I am here to say that as of next month that will be changing. We are working on providing a new resource for people just entering into the space. 


With our success with Google Ad Words, which we hope you have been enjoying (If you purchased Google Ad Words, we'll be checking in with you on your progress and to see if there is anything else we can do to help), we are going to continue to offer paid resources for larger topics such as Facebook Ad Marketing and Email Marketing. We have a great resource that is in the works that will be giving us insight into how to use these tools properly for our industry!


I, personally am going to offer a coaching platform so I can help photo boothers one-on-one and within a group setting to grow your businesses. I know that we do always struggle with things like marketing, staff, getting leads, and staying busy when times are slow. I cannot wait to show you what me and my team have been working on! 


Lastly, the podcast itself is getting a new format! We have been through, as of this Wednesday, 67 episodes of great information, surpassing all other Photo Booth Podcast out there. We are revamping the show with a new format (don't worry it's still the same great show and not unrecognizably different), as well as more music. We are going to be interviewing more people in our industry including regular photo boothers just like you. If you want to be on the show, simply click here



As always, thank you so much for listening to our show. As I left Philadelphia, I learned that we are such an amazing show with such an amazing community of people behind us. I can't believe it has barely been over a year and we have done all of the things that we initially set out to do. I can't wait to share more with everyone!

...now stop reading this and go sell something. 



Ryan Salinas