How To Super BoothCon Your Way To Success

Ask anyone in small business and they will agree things are never as easy as you thought they were going to be and there are challenges beyond anything you could ever have comprehended prior to starting any business. This goes double for anyone starting their first business and quite possibly triple for many people who are getting into the photo booth business. Why is that? Well, the research I have carried out in Australia on the local photo booth industry (and from all accounts is representative of the world industry) shows that for the majority of new “Boothers” have little or no prior business skills or education.

When you then add to the mix that the barrier to entry to starting a new photo booth business is so low relative to most other businesses you naturally can see why the industry attracts people who are looking for extra income and/or a way out of the rat race whilst having fun.

So, what we have is a heap of boothers learning as they go often without a clear business path to success. This means many are either failing forward (learning from their mistakes till they get it right) or they are simply failing. Whilst it can work the problem with failing forward is that it costs the two things many of us simply don’t have enough of: time and money! Luckily there is a better way and if you are reading this then chances are you already know what I am talking about.

Community Based Business Education

The photo booth rental industry is now around 15 years old and the last few years have seen community-based business education really take off. Those boothers that have learnt the photo boothing secrets to success are sharing this knowledge to the benefit of the entire community, especially for newbies who now all have options to bring themselves up to speed faster and cheaper than ever before. There has also been a widening in how this education is being delivered ensuring it is keeping pace with the changing technological times:

  • Podcasts

  • Blogs

  • Seminars

  • Master Classes

  • eCourses

  • Expos and Conferences

  • Meet-ups

This is really a brilliant time to be part of the world photo booth industry. Ten years ago when I first started my boothing journey I can clearly remember looking for external help and not finding anything which set me off on my journey to change things. I started by sharing my knowledge via blogging then I put on the first BoothCon which is now in it’s third year. Nowadays boothers have so much choice and can pick and choose which educational events to go to.

So if you’re looking to up your photo booth game and fast track your way to success make sure you get involved in community based photo booth business education whether it be a fun trip to Melbourne, Australia for BoothCon being held 15/16 January 2019 or listening to a Super Boothers podcast or any number of other avenues you’re going to save yourself a heap of time and money and Super BoothCon your way to success.


When: 15/16 Jan 2019 (Summer in Oz!)

Where: Melbourne, Australia

What: 8 Seminars, 5 Master Classes, 2 Demo Talks, Trade Show and Networking

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Ryan Salinas