Super Boothers Go to Hollywood!


The last stop on our tour for 2017 is none other than HOLLYWOOD! We're so glad to have overwhelming demand and Los Angeles is our most requested next stop! 

This is also more than a meet-up, while meet-ups are more informal in bars, this is a more intimate dinner. This is your opportunity to talk about all of the things we have discussed on the show as well as future topics. You will have a one-on-one chance to discuss all of the hot topics:

Website Audits

The most interactive and valuable part of the program will be where select attendees will be able to sit in the hot seat in front of the group and have their website to be evaluated. Everyone will get ideas on how to optimize their website to convert better and turn inquiries into sales. Our goal is to provide actionable items for you to take back to your business and start increasing revenue immediately!


Always the ever evolving topic, we will go in depth on pricing tips and strategies not told on the podcast. The discussion of should pricing be posted on your website or not will all be divulged! 

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram Marketing is demystified! We will show you tactics on how simple steps to add another lead generating stream to go into your funnel from simple organic exposure as well as increasing your exposure from your current events as they are happening!

Dinner will be included and alcohol will be available however, not included in your ticket price. Please respond to your confirmation email with any food preferences or allergies.

There are a lot of surprises in store for you! One thing that's not a secret is SWAG bags for attendees!

Tickets are $77 until October 1 and then they go up to $99. You're encouraged to bring a colleague, a fellow Photo Booth owner, or just a date for $50...just purchase the additional attendee at checkout. Group discount with swag bag is available for 4 tickets or more at $65.00


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Ryan Salinas