Ismail: [00:00:00] Coming up on Super Boothers Ryan has been Netflix binging again. There's apparently a new show that you need to watch. Find out next on Super Boothers. 

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Ryan: [00:00:48] Hello and welcome to Super Boothers. My name is Ryan

Ismail: [00:00:51] and I'm Ismail

Ryan: [00:00:53] Morning kids. 

Ismail: [00:00:54] Oh school's back in season right

Ryan: [00:00:55] it's back and it is back. 

Ismail: [00:00:59] You know how I know? Traffic a lot more traffic now. 

Ryan: [00:01:01] So kids if you're on the way to school have a great day. Be nice to your teacher. I wrote you a little note it's in your lunchbox. Just have a very spiritual an opening day and learn a lot. 

Ismail: [00:01:14] And when you go for naptime make sure you don't sleep the rest of the day. You have to actually wake up schools not over. 

Ryan: [00:01:20] So this is the thing my mother used to make a lunch for me on the first day of school and then she just completely dropped the ball and never did it ever again. 

Ismail: [00:01:31] That's kind of that's pretty messed up! 

Ryan: [00:01:33] No, then it was just like a fistful of cash in just be here...go! Although I will say this. So I was I was not the best student because I was I really I was one of those that never really had to study. So like I would I to this day I see things I just retain it like I really don't have to like go over it and over and over it like repetition is just never my thing. So there were kids that would be like Oh did you study? I'm like No! I'd take the test. I get like a 90. And they like how to how did you do that? Like Who did you cheat on? I'm like I just never had to do that. So. But the thing is I was never like the the I'm not a morning person. I'm just not a morning person. There was times where my mother would come wake me up I must have been like I don't know very much in elementary school and she'd come in she's like Ryan it's time to get up and I'm like OK I'm getting ready. And then she'd come in like 30 minutes later she's like okay it's time to go. I would still be sleeping. 

Ismail: [00:02:37] I'm not surprised to hear that. 

Ryan: [00:02:39] That's that's literally how my day went yesterday. 

Ismail: [00:02:44] Decades later it's still the same thing. 

Ryan: [00:02:46] Decades later same thing different day! 

Ismail: [00:02:50] Aren't you supposed to be a role model for the kids in the car. What's the lesson there? 

Ryan: [00:02:54] No. The lesson here is do what you want respect your respect your own body and your time clock and you'll be fine. But on the other end my little brother he he would get up at like 4:00 o'clock 5:00 in the morning like bright and shining like a little sunflower. Was like oh I'll get away from me. 

Ismail: [00:03:16] See I'm definitely not a morning person. But it's not because I have something against the morning it's because I stay up so late I can't get to sleep so much going on. 

Ryan: [00:03:24] So you can't put you to sleep can't wake you up. 

Ismail: [00:03:27] How can they get up at 4:00 5:00 in the morning when you just want to bet a couple hours before that. Just impossible. 

Ryan: [00:03:32] So I'm I actually am in that like a little like late night phase as well and I was actually in bed turned on Netflix. I was like oh I'm just going to watch a little show and guess what? ::Netflix Theme:: 

Ismail: [00:03:45] Binge time. 

Ryan: [00:03:46] Yes. So there is this new show called Stay here which is flipping genius. I must have watch like four episodes back to back to back to back. 

Ismail: [00:03:58] I've never heard of the show yet 

Ryan: [00:04:00] Yes cause it just came out why would you? The premise of the show is with Genevieve Gorder. She was on Trading Spaces a long time ago. She just looks simply gorgeous and she's doing her designerly duties. What they do is they go in to essentially like these investment properties that people use as rental or vacation homes. The very first steps that they do is houseboat in Seattle and I know everyone is like well what does this have to do with photo booths. Stay with me here. So essentially what they do is they go in they do their consultation. They walk through this base. This houseboat was just horrible. It was ugly blooey tealy color. It was just disgusting like the layout of the first floor was just all out of whack like, Have you ever been on a houseboat? 

Ismail: [00:04:53] As I said in the last episode about luxury I don't have many luxurious experiences of my life so no. 

Ryan: [00:05:00] Houseboats is not necessarily luxury. 

Ismail: [00:05:01] Listen to a guy from Brooklyn, New York that sounds pretty fancy. 

Ryan: [00:05:04] A houseboat? 

Ismail: [00:05:06] Yeah, it sounds pretty fancy to me. 

Ryan: [00:05:10] I don't know to me it's just like a trailer home on water. But I mean because that's what they look like they're just like these prefab manufactured homes that are just floating on the water. 

Ismail: [00:05:20] Maybe I'm showing my ignorance but yep. 

Ryan: [00:05:24] I mean I'm not saying it's a yacht anyways so this little house boat was very much decrepid was the word I guess they purchased it for something like 150,000. And it was like a money pit I guess there was like issues with the hull they had to move it into dry dock. So whenever the episode starts it's in dry dock they go in they evaluate the space and be like Listen here are your strengeths here your weaknesses which I just love whenever people do that with businesses just because it's always good to get a second set of eyes on something. So what I really appreciate about this was you know you have you know a new set of eyes going in looking at the space saying listen this is what it could be. 

Ryan: [00:06:03] So let me go over the numbers there like where do you want to end up in. I guess they have a little girl she's about to start school. They wanted to pay for private school for her and maybe a little make a little money on the side. But for the most part they want to cover their expenses you know cover their payment the insurance whatever fastforward they do the redesign and the redesign was just amazing. I mean you just need to watch this episode and then what they do is they go over the business end of it with them. So they're like this is what you need to do whenever you're doing vacation home rentals. And they talked about marketing photos and they talk about you know hey here's the description that you put on airBNB. We are similar to so many more businesses that I mean I think that people give us credit for. For example the CRM system that I use was built for me based off of a hotel software like the system that I use because hotel rooms. So essentially what would be a hotel room in this system is like a photo booth in my system and it's the same thing because it's the same amount of its inventory based and except that my photo was rent by the hour. 

Ismail: [00:07:20] So it's not really the same. 

Ryan: [00:07:22] No you wouldn't have a hotel room by the hour. 

Ismail: [00:07:23] But some hotels do that! 

Ryan: [00:07:27] Not many legal ones. 

Ismail: [00:07:31] I hope the kids are I hope the kids are in school. 

Ryan: [00:07:34] I hope you have dropped them off right now. Pay attention. Do you have your lunchable? Do you do your homework? Do your homework! Put on your headphones! No. So they that's the kind of similarities. But what I appreciate about this is is I think everyone needs to go through their ads and see like the things that they're putting out for Like advertising. So for example the Knot, Wedding Wire those things are just exactly like AirBNB's work because with AirBNB you have like a main hero photo so in the third episode they do like a little pool house in Austin in SoCo in South Congress. So it's a beautiful yellow house. The outside is fabulous. The inside? Not so much it just looks like a bachelor kind of like you know was collecting stuff and it is like a frat house over the years. There's a fabulous pool in the back a pool house. And they ended up doing like a nice like little cabana little setup. And I really did enjoy this so what Genevieve did was she had an artist come in and essentially do like a mural on the front face of this pool house. And she goes we really wanted to create a social media moment that really struck with me on how because hello? photos? what do we do? social media moments

Ismail: [00:08:59] you mention that because of the importance of creating that shareable moment. 

Ryan: [00:09:03] I say this on a daily basis until my face turns blue. We create shareable content that is what we do. Don't focus on you know what ever your booth looks like. Focus on what it can do. 

Ismail: [00:09:18] The good thing about you said is something we've touched on before as was going through the customer journey. So that's what you're trying to get out with looking at your ads. What are you putting out there. So it's important sometimes to go into the customer's mindset see what they see and try to put yourself in their shoes and understand what they'd expect based on what you put out in your ad. 

Ryan: [00:09:36] one of the great things that really resonated with me was I guess this particular homeowner had a property management company manage his essential AirBNB because he just didn't live there he couldn't do it. So they were kind of learning from both of you know from each other on the description that they created and he goes the photo that was there before why the photo was wrong. So you go in and if someone is scrolling again the same thing goes for the Knot, Wedding Wire you know thumbtack whatever we all have these online profiles Photo Booth Finder in all these places that the customer can potentially see us at. So you're scrolling and you're looking at like why are you sticking out vs. everyone else. It's a thing that I talked about in my branding webinar from whenever. If you take all of your logos and if you compare your logo to every other photo booth company's logo ... How is yours different. If you have a camera and a mustache and some sunglasses and your name includes photo or snap or whatever because those are the most common photo with names. How are you different? How are you going to be memorable. 

Ismail: [00:10:59] Ryan I actually I've heard the show but I like shows like Bar Rescure or the Profit or whatnot. This just sounds like it's kind of similar but Netflix's version is that true. 

Ryan: [00:11:08] Yeah. 

Ismail: [00:11:09] And it's it's about can you remind me it's about vacation rentals or is it about you know

Ryan: [00:11:15] No, so it's it's vacation rental so rental properties that you know are decrepit that people are. There is one woman. She she wants to live in this house six months then rent out for six months she goes. My husband passed away she goes I really need a way to generate income and the house needs work and she goes i'm a girls don't do this stuff like she goes I'm having difficulty with that. So they came in. This was the one in Malibu. They completely redid the backyard and all this other stuff they put in a deck you know fix at the kitchen. They did a lot of demo. 

Ryan: [00:11:50] But one thing that they're doing in every single unit are every single house or rental she goes were always creating social media moments that I thought was just so profound like this is something that is so consistent. So that was another thing that kind of came up is you know whenever you know don't ever go ahead. 

Ismail: [00:12:11] Well what does that mean in the context of vacation rentals what is a social media moment. So are they are they using that term for shareable content doesn't get

[00:12:19] Yeah, just stuff that's like really Instagramable so I believe in the third e pisode. Maybe it was the yellow block Inn in Brooklyn and it was. There was a story about how I guess the son of this father I guess I guess he was a widow or widower rather. And the son was really attached to this like yellow Lego. And there was a cinder block outside that they had painted yellow and it was just like his like kind of comfort item like it was something that he just like had to do. There is like one of those rituals like whenever like you know you leave you like always like you know touch a wall or touch something before. I don't know just whatever superstitions we may have. So in the house they did a mural that had like the top five things whatever. There was stuff that was permanently painted on like it look a chalkboard. And what they mean by social media moment is doing something that the customer can take a photo of that. That they will share on Instagram. So in the example of the Austin pool house the photo of like the wall or the pool house mural whenever someone takes a photo that oh look where I am. It just looks visually interesting. So you know it's something that's very Instagramable. And I know that that's kind of another little buzz word

Ismail: [00:13:46] that seems to be something that's happening more often across the board like even at Disney. There's a certain spot that they created. 

Ryan: [00:13:53] Yeah purple wall. That's such a big thing the purple wall

Ismail: [00:13:57] or even things like in New York City things become that like those the Bulls. Have you seen the bulls in the City where all the tourists taking pictures of the bull. 

Ryan: [00:14:04] Yeah. Yeah. 

Ismail: [00:14:06] Sometimes they happen naturally but people want to take. That's the other thing to keep in mind. People want to do this. They want to document where they are what they're doing and share. And your job is to make it easy. Exactly. 

Ryan: [00:14:18] Yeah. So it was it was really great. So going back to the profiles whenever they were setting things up is you know how. What makes you different. One of the thing when the instance of the Austin house. So again they're having lunch they're kind of going over the description they're going over the title. You know they're going out and going over all like the pretty things. As to you know make this place interesting to make it seem appealing to make you want to click on the previous photo was the bedroom with the I guess the french doors opening up to the pool but you barely saw the pool. He goes what you're telling me is that the best feature of this house is the master bedroom. And it wasn't the master bedroom looked really sad. I mean it looked like it was bad. He goes what you need to do is we need to showcase this pool because that's the that's the differentiator between you and someone else and another property. So what he did was and again Genevieve did this fabulous just amazing wall mural on the front of this pool house. So you see this cool mural. You see this little cabana. You see this gorgeous pool. You see the jacuzzi, you see the landscaping. That's the first photo that's the photo that makes you want to go to that. So kind of like with mine. So with mine. And actually I've heard this from a client. I took a client out to lunch a couple weeks ago and I asked because this is an agency client that came out of the blue. I'm like How did you find me? It was it was a little strange because it was the most organic in every sense of the word. He ended up telling me like oh you know I found you. I was on like third page of whatever he was searching for which I have checked now on it since the first page now. So that's kind of good because I knew what his search terms were. I'm pretty sure other people know what that is. Or other people search for the same thing. So we went to lunch I was like Why did you choose me like I'm so curious as to what he goes. Whenever I clicked on your Web site and the photo opened up so the photo that I have is a bride. She has a freakishly long arm and she's touching the ring light. And the reason why she's a freakishly long arm is because I used a wide angle lens so it just looks a little exaggerated. And I was like. He goes I saw this photo. He said it was just beautiful and it was just that reaction. Oh I get it now. Like it just evoked a feeling. So that's what we need to do is make sure our photo booth and the photos that we use to represent us as a company are appealing and are different from everyone else. Why are you special. Great. You have a mirror booth. Now what. 

Ismail: [00:17:07] Before I just don't want to forget this and just a side note we don't have to go into it. 

Ismail: [00:17:10] But you're doing so much. You just mentioned so many things you did right. I want to skip over them. You took your client to lunch. That's one thing that's right. The other thing is that you're actually asking them. You're kind of interviewing them to find out ways to improve your business or find out ways to understand why they're choosing you. 

Ismail: [00:17:29] I think that

Ryan: [00:17:30] and I did that 45 minutes in and I didn't. That's another thing is I didn't walk in and be like hey why do you book me. 

Ismail: [00:17:37] But the fact that you're trying to learn and improve and understand I think that's something that any business trying to be successful should internalize. 

Ismail: [00:17:46] So I want to point that out. But yeah I think that

Ryan: [00:17:51] Thank you, noted. 

Ismail: [00:17:53] I'm just a tooting your horn, Ryan. But yeah I think you're touching on a lot of things that make a lot of sense to people and I don't know how often. As business owners we actually take a step back and think about hey everyone else has a mirror booth with or open whatever kind of booth. Why and how can I stand out so, thinking that way just just having that mindset alone puts you on the path to differentiate yourself. 

Ryan: [00:18:19] I think a lot has to go with branding and just having a point of view and a voice and you know whether it's your story or because the story with the yellow the yellow block that was just a little impactful. Like why. Why are you doing this. Why are you here. You know if you're a veteran and you ended up doing a photo booth company because of whatever reason you know that that's part of your story. Thank you for your service. I mean those things are what make us, us. And that's what differentiates us is our story and our voice and whatever tone we have like I really do believe that we need to go forward with that. 

Ismail: [00:19:00] That's so true. You should tell your story because nobody else can be you. It's something that I've been hearing recently. It's a it's a common theme I've noticed these comedians that I mean I've been listening to interviews of these comedians about how they became big. And one thing that I noticed most them say is that their breakthrough you know the moment that catapulted they really trace it back to when they started to feel comfortable being themselves when they stopped acting like a different persona and just went out there and was themselves. 

Ismail: [00:19:37] And I think there a big lesson there that we can take as business owners as well

Ryan: [00:19:42] That I think is a little true. I don't think that it's true for everyone. I will say this the most successful comics are absolutely like that

Ismail: [00:19:52] Well think about this way. If you weren't yourself and I wasn't myself what this show be as successful as it is

Ryan: [00:19:59] Nooooo. 

Ismail: [00:19:59] Exactly. 

Ryan: [00:20:01] So I mean that's so that's the whole purpose like I'm blunt and you tiptoe around it or are Mr. Nice Guy. I just don't play that. I don't have time. 

Ismail: [00:20:10] I'm the ying to your yang. Admit it. 

Ryan: [00:20:15] You are... 

Ismail: [00:20:18] You could be the yang. I'll be the ying. 

Ryan: [00:20:27] We finish each other's...Lasagna or your

Ismail: [00:20:34] As long as it's not spaghetti

Ryan: [00:20:36] You're the ketchup to my eggs. I don't do that. That's just disgusting. 

Ismail: [00:20:43] No but the point the point really is that like you said tell your story be yourself if you emulate other people. Yes you can learn from observing people and you can learn from watching what works for other people but it will never work for you if you don't do it in your way. I think that that's a big thing in this industry. And I think I've mentioned before that the photobooth Expo. L.A. photo party and Yoda Booth said the same thing. You can't worry about other people because they can never do it your way. And that's the real differentiator. You. and I think

Ryan: [00:21:16] I think that's I think that's been a big theme with our show in general is again we've talked about how more people have said hey listen I want you to do more technical stuff and I'm like yeah, No that's not what we do and it's not just because like we don't want to do it. I'm being mean about it it's just because the technology is not what matters like photo booths have been around for quite some time and they consistently change. Like I really we got a comment in from the show where someone said how they really appreciate it because it gives them the inspiring idea. It's not hey do this. It's hey this is what worked for me. This is what worked for me. 

Ismail: [00:21:58] Yeah. Now and on that point that the client if yours saw said he picked you because of that image it's a beautiful image. Right. But someone else may not have had that same reaction. They may have thought. Look at this long arm. I would never go with this company You can't get everyone. You just have to be yourself and trust that the right customers will be attracted to that. 

Ryan: [00:22:34] Next week on Super Boothers I just think that because I again try and sell the experience like that and what I mean by that is I sell the outcome I sell the content that we're creating. So it allows me to have things that are a little bit A) more customizable and B) I can charge more for just how I presented packaging rather. 

Ryan Salinas